Friday Digression

Meditations on marketing, business and life itself, delivered with humor and a down-to-earth charm.

The Essence of Innovation

Over the holidays, my wife and I piled the kids into the minivan and drove to Missouri to visit family. It had been nearly seven years since our last visit to the Show Me State, which is just long enough … Read More

Do the Right Thing

Bob Bennitt, our esteemed and, indeed, fearless leader, recently forwarded me an email and asked me to reference it in an upcoming Friday Digression. Had it been about marketing or print or even a cool event in the Los Angeles … Read More

It’s a Marathon AND a Sprint

Some of you may remember my proclamation, made nearly two years ago now, that I wanted to run a marathon.

Well, guess what? I haven’t.

It isn’t from lack of planning. I’ve written down the goal many times, going so … Read More

Little Things

I don’t much like to shop. I’m not comfortable in crowds, which makes shopping for gifts during the month of December about as enjoyable as digging ditches. In the valley. In August.

So before I even enter a store, I … Read More