The Comfort of the Familiar

My kids are, already, creatures of habit. They eat the same meals, which bear some resemblance to my own childhood dinner plates (the Big 3: mac and cheese, spaghetti and nuggets, although theirs are vegetarian). They also watch the same … Read More

No Foolin’

Today is April Fools’ Day and, as dictated by tradition, a number of companies will prank their customers and engage in a bit of harmless fun.

Some pranks are truly inspired, such as when Blue Moon, a brand of beer … Read More

How To Get a Second Date

I am by no means a gym rat. But as my age increases – along with my waist size and the number of gray hairs on my head – so too has my interest in various forms of exercise. And, … Read More

First Impressions

I’m dating myself a bit to admit this, but I remember the commercials where legendary voiceover artist Harlan Hogan intoned the immortal words “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Of course Head & Shoulders and, … Read More