July 2016 | The Pace Group

A Barbaric Yawp

Dead Poets Society is the film that introduced the world to Robin Williams, the serious Actor with a capital A. We were also introduced to a fresh-faced Ethan Hawke, not to mention lesser known but not lesser talents such as … Read More

Hope for the Upright Human

At some point in the near future, humans will walk around in a permanently hunched over manner.

I have come to this conclusion in just the last week, during which time my wife and I were hosting our 16-year old … Read More

April 2016 Issue

Want to get the print edition of Engage delivered? It’s free! Cover Story Paradigm Shift – Competing in the new age of jobs. “Organizations must shift from creating an environment where they assume that people need to work there … Read More


When terrible tragedies happen in this world, sometimes we need a reminder that there is still truth, love and beauty too. More than just a performance, Davide Martello’s rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” in the aftermath of last year’s Paris … Read More