August 2016 | The Pace Group

Learn Like a Fourth Grader

This short animation explains the difference between a growth and fixed mindset. This is a tested and effective way of teaching people what a fixed mindset is and how to change it.

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Do Your Job

Aside from the fact that I am a native of the region, another reason I am a fan of the New England Patriots is their team mantra: Do Your Job. The no-nonsense, straight-forward motto reminds the players that success isn’t … Read More

Stronger, Higher, Faster

Gold medals aren’t won in million dollar stadiums in front of thousands of cheering fans.

They’re won on dusty sandlots in rundown parks. They’re won in overgrown backyards long after sunset or on forgotten roads long before sunrise.

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The Real Taste of Ireland

As the Pokémon GO craze illustrates, the line between virtual reality and, well, reality reality, continues to blur. And while those of us on the other side of 40 may lament the effect mobile technologies are having on our posture, … Read More