September 2016 | The Pace Group

Mobile first. Customer second?

Long time readers of the Friday Digression may recall that I am an avid coffee drinker. After all, in this very space I’ve sung the praises of a small roaster’s memorable customer experience and given voice to the unique thrill of … Read More

Marketing in a Multicultural World

Elayne O’Dowd is unique among The Pace Group’s account team in that English is not her first language. Born and raised in Hong Kong and educated in Canada, Elayne is now distinctly positioned to combine her experience as a marketer … Read More

209 Seconds of Perspective

The universe is big. Really big.

How big? Well…

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Rod Stewart, Eel Pie & Me

So here’s a little slice of British rock history for you, highlighted by fresh eels and Rod Stewart sightings, that my music aficionado friends always find fascinating.

Full disclosure: I am a Brit and after college moved to Southwest London, … Read More