Friday Digression

Meditations on marketing, business and life itself, delivered with humor and a down-to-earth charm.

It’s a Marathon AND a Sprint

Some of you may remember my proclamation, made nearly two years ago now, that I wanted to run a marathon.

Well, guess what? I haven’t.

It isn’t from lack of planning. I’ve written down the goal many times, going so … Read More

Little Things

I don’t much like to shop. I’m not comfortable in crowds, which makes shopping for gifts during the month of December about as enjoyable as digging ditches. In the valley. In August.

So before I even enter a store, I … Read More

Call Us Pace

Feeling a little deja vu?

If you are, that’s understandable. It was but a few short years ago that we changed our name from Pace Lithographers to Pace Marketing Communications. With that change came a new logo, a new website … Read More