Friday Digression

Meditations on marketing, business and life itself, delivered with humor and a down-to-earth charm.

The Value of Print

Growing up, I, like many American boys of a certain age, collected baseball cards. This was during the late Eighties and early Nineties, when the delicate sheets of cardstock were more likely to be encased in slabs of acid-free lucite … Read More

Yes, and…

Long-time readers of the Friday Digression know that, in addition to my role as Pace’s resident digital marketing expert / tech geek, I am an actor. I have, in fact, been an actor even longer than I’ve been a geek, … Read More

The Comfort of the Familiar

My kids are, already, creatures of habit. They eat the same meals, which bear some resemblance to my own childhood dinner plates (the Big 3: mac and cheese, spaghetti and nuggets, although theirs are vegetarian). They also watch the same … Read More

No Foolin’

Today is April Fools’ Day and, as dictated by tradition, a number of companies will prank their customers and engage in a bit of harmless fun.

Some pranks are truly inspired, such as when Blue Moon, a brand of beer … Read More