March 18, 2016

How To Get a Second Date

In the era of Big Data, it's still about the little things.

I am by no means a gym rat. But as my age increases – along with my waist size and the number of gray hairs on my head – so too has my interest in various forms of exercise. And, of course, being The Pace Group’s Director of Digital Services, I also try to stay on top of the latest developments in web and mobile technology.

These two interests aligned when I downloaded an app for my smartphone that promised to provide short yoga videos so I could practice at home, at the gym, at the beach or wherever else the spirit moves me. And upon opening the app for the first time, I was asked a few questions about myself, including my gender, which I dutifully selected as “Male.”

So, needless to say, I was a bit surprised when I found that one of the subsequently listed featured programs in the app was “Yoga during Menstruation.”

Now put that aside for a moment and imagine you’re on a date. You’ve just finished telling the person across from you that prefer funny movies to sad ones and they reply by suggesting you curl up with some popcorn and some tissues and watch “Titanic.” Or you tell them you’re lactose intolerant and they want to split a hot fudge sundae for dessert.

I’m guessing the likelihood of you agreeing to another date with that person would be somewhere between slim and none, right?

Well, business is, of course, very much like dating. We want to be romanced. We want to feel compatible with our partners. And, perhaps most important of all, we want our chosen partners to listen to us. Or, to take it a step farther, we want them to prove they are listening by the way they respond to us.

Look, I realize that, in the age of Big Data and personalized marketing, we all feel like we should be collecting as much data as we can. And don’t get me wrong, collecting data can be a productive and useful activity. But, if you don’t yet have a plan for how you might use that data in a way that makes your customer’s experience better, then sometimes it might be better not to ask for it at all. Because if you’re a partner who doesn’t listen, well, you might as well forget about asking for a second date.


  1. Bob Bennitt

    I agree! Well said!

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