April 29, 2021

The Mount Touts Reforesting Contributions

Mount Saint Mary's University in Los Angeles puts a big dent in our 10,000 tree goal.

In a news article titled “Helping Mother Earth,” Mount Saint Mary’s University is celebrating their first quarter contributions to The Pace Group’s 10,000 tree goal. Their projects helped us plant 123 standard trees during Q1. With more projects schedule for Q2, including the Mount Magazine, this number will only grow.

As the article notes, “In a simplified description of photosynthesis, tree leaves absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Thus, it’s important for our environment to maintain our forests. Additionally, forests protect native ecologies and animal habitats. The reforestation work is overseen by a third-party auditor.”

Overall, in Q1, The Pace Group helped offset 214,814 pounds of paper use by reforesting 2,585 trees. In partnership with PrintReleaf, we’ve committed to planting at least 10,000 standard trees in 2021.

“Last year, even in a down year due to the pandemic, The Mount used paper quantities that would have resulted in the planting of 226 new trees,” says Alan Bernstein, Director of Client Services for The Pace Group. “Imagine the impact we can have on our environment as we work together to achieve the Mount’s sustainability goals.”

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