Net Tree Neutral Printing

The most essential conservation initiative ever seen in our industry.
~ Bob Bennitt, CEO, The Pace Group

Growing our vital forests, one print project at a time.

Become a part of The Pace Group’s pledge to plant 10,000 trees in 2021. Welcome to a better world of printing!

Restoring our forests, one print job at a time.
Print and Plant with Pace
Net tree neutral printing supports global reforestation programs.

The Pace Group is leading the way to a greener, more sustainable world with net tree neutral printing. In partnership with PrintReleaf, we are pledging to replace every single standard tree used for your print projects. The formula for healthier forests is powerful:

Print with Pace, Plant Trees

Here’s how it works: every print project produced by Pace is measured for paper consumption. The number of trees that were harvested to produce that paper is calculated. The identical number of trees is then reforested (hence “net tree neutral”) under the guidance of PrintReleaf at planting sites around the world. This global effort restores and protects native ecologies and animal habitats, while providing much-needed jobs for people local to these sites. Importantly, all reforestation efforts are monitored and certified by a third-party auditor. Simple, powerful and good.

Your print projects with Pace are already changing the world.

Additionally, each Pace client can track their individual reforestation impact in real time on the PrintReleaf website. You can use that information to support your own commitment to sustainability programs. When combined with our FSC certified or recycled paper, the effect is multiplied and your print projects could even become net tree positive!

“Best of all, our clients can print with Pace in the knowledge that, together, we are making a positive difference for our planet. This move is in keeping with our commitment to provide our clients the best quality available, while conducting business in harmony with the Earth. This is the most essential conservation initiative we have ever seen in our industry.”

– Bob Bennitt, CEO, The Pace Group

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