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City National Bank’s 75 offices and 3,600 colleagues across the U.S. provide a full complement of banking, trust and investment services. Their mission is to provide the ultimate banking experience for successful entrepreneurs and professionals through an uncommon dedication to extraordinary service, proactive advice and total financial solutions.

The Challenge

Tony Sweeney, City National Bank’s SVP, Creative Director and his colleagues on the Marketing team were overwhelmed with requests from the bank’s Relationship Managers to provide updated and customized marketing collateral.

“We needed a system that could not only house all of our marketing materials, but make it possible for our colleagues to personalize certain areas. It also needed to be flexible enough to provide downloadable digital assets and printed materials, either tracked and fulfilled from inventory or printed in small quantities on demand. And robust reporting, so we could always know what was being ordered and by whom, was a must.”

The Work

Randy Marquis and The Pace Group Digital Marketing team selected InterlinkONE as the technology partner to host the software solution now known as the City National Marketing Resource Center (MRC).

In consultation with Tony Sweeney, Randy customized the look-and-feel of the site to bring it in line with the City National Bank brand.

City National Bank MRC

Danny Squire, The Pace Group’s Director of Data + Pre-Media Services and Allis Wong worked directly with the bank’s Marketing team to prepare its marketing materials for customization by the site’s users. This involves “tagging” variable areas that can be populated by a user who fills out a form or uploads a data file.

Randy, Danny, Mark Hoch and others also helped The Pace Group navigate and pass the bank’s rigorous security testing and validation process. From implementing SSL encryption, documenting data handling procedures and physically and electronically securing the areas where data is utilized, the bank feels secure that its data is, indeed, secured with Pace.

After thorough alpha and beta testing phases and several rounds of custom engineering, the site was made available bank-wide. It now services over 1,300 users with over 400 digital and printed marketing materials.

The MRC has forged a partnership between City National Bank and The Pace Group in the truest sense of the word. Tony and the bank’s marketing team focuses on what they do best: creating new and innovative marketing pieces, while The Pace Group handles fulfillment and administration. The MRC has truly been “the way up” for all.