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The Japanese American National Museum (JANM) is the first museum in the United States dedicated to sharing the experience of Americans of Japanese ancestry as an integral part of U.S. history. In 1992, the museum opened its doors in the renovated Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, a Los Angeles city landmark, to shed light on the Japanese American experience—a process of immigration and re-settlement common to so many Americans.

The Challenge

JANM has been generously supported by civil rights minded Japanese American donors with memories of World War II and the internment camps experienced by over 100,000 Japanese Americans. As those donors age and the memories fade, Darryl Mori, the museum’s Vice President, knew they needed to better connect with a younger generation wishing to rediscover their culture through the museum.

“With a new generation comes the challenge of connecting in new ways,” Mori notes. “By expressing different messages to different groups, we can speak to why supporting JANM is relevant to them in a more personal way.”

The Work

Randy Marquis and The Pace Group Marketing team analyzed demographic and psychographic data provided by JANM and their chosen data partner, Buxton. The team proposed a segmentation strategy targeting recipients with different messaging based on variations in:

  • Proximity to the museum or a sister museum
  • Previous level of financial support
  • Recency of support
  • Messaging theme (A/B split test)
  • Mailer format (letter / envelope or self-mailer)

Qris Yamashita designed multiple variations of the mailers based on the segmentation. Variable data printing capabilities ultimately allowed Danny Squire, Hector Bautista and the Pace Print team to produce a total of 224 unique variations for mailing.

In addition, a similarly segmented follow up email was sent to non-responders.

The results of the campaign literally speak for themselves. JANM received more than double the response to previous appeals and an increase in revenue of approximately 15%. Further, by converting donors into members, JANM is able to provide them with regular member communications that strengthen the bond with their supporters.