June 23, 2017

Promises, Promises

Promises made. Promises kept.

Summer is here, school’s out and, though my children have mixed feelings about it, that means more time for family adventures. My youngest, to his mother’s chagrin, chomps on his mouthguard at flag football camp. My oldest proudly assists her teacher at dance camp, while my middle child aims to become the next great Red Sox star at baseball camp.

Between all of that, however, my kids’ favorite summertime activity is swimming. And, unfortunately, twice already my children have been promised an afternoon of splashing about the chlorinated waters of a pool only to have their little hearts broken by last minute cancellations.

Hey, parenting is hard and managing the schedules of a trio of active little ones is as challenging as eating a popsicle, in the Valley, in August, before it melts all over your hand. Sometimes—okay, often—things happen that are out of our control and even the most carefully laid plans must change. For that very reason, my wife and I will often play coy about our adventures, preferring to spring a pleasant surprise upon our children than explain through tears (theirs, not ours) why the world is so unfair.

It is for similar reasons that, in my role as The Pace Group’s digital marketing nerd, that I’m also very careful about the promises I make to our clients. While it is unlikely a broken promise would result in tears or angry stomps off to your room, I’m also well aware of the importance the email campaign or marketing resource center has to your goals and the last thing I want to do is disappoint you.

All of us at The Pace Group, in fact, value the trust you place in us to deliver on our promises, regardless of the services we’re providing to you. Ultimately, we’re in the business of meeting or, hopefully, exceeding your expectations when it comes to the quality and timeliness of the work we do for you.

Because promises made should be promises kept, in business, parenting or, indeed, life.


  1. Bud Bennitt


    I thank you for all the services you have provided for Pace to become the favorite choice of our current and future clients You have been and truly are, a great resource and team member. We all know the sacrifices you have made for the future of your children.. They, I hope will appreciate at sometime in their life, that your ultimate concern was to provide a better life for them.

    Bud Bennitt

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