The Pace Group Achieves 10,000 Tree Goal with One Month to Go

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Credit for this quote was once attributed to management guru Peter Drucker. It turns out he never said it. And indeed, “Measurement Myopia” can be a real concern for organizations who … Read More

Reforestation Impact: Dominican Republic

Over the first three months of 2021, The Pace Group, in partnership with PrintReleaf and Plant With Purpose, contributed 2,586 trees to the reforestation effort in the Dominican Republic. Deforestation impacts more than plant life. It erodes soil and makes … Read More

The Mount Touts Reforesting Contributions

In a news article titled “Helping Mother Earth,” Mount Saint Mary’s University is celebrating their first quarter contributions to The Pace Group’s 10,000 tree goal. Their projects helped us plant 123 standard trees during Q1. With more projects schedule for … Read More

How Paper Is Made

4/22/21 Update: This post was originally published five years ago today. And the main point – that paper is a sustainable, recyclable and effective marketing medium – remains true. But The Pace Group has since doubled down on sustainability with … Read More