It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.
~ Arthur Conan Doyle

Ever received mail for someone else, even though you’ve been living in your home for years? Maybe coupons for baby food, even though you don’t have children? Or discounts on Lakers gear, but you’re a Clippers fan?

We’ve all been there, victims of the nefarious and sometimes pervasive Bad Data. It lurks in the darkest corners of your database and hides in the deepest rows of your spreadsheet. And when unleashed, it causes chaos to your bottom line.

Fortunately, with our data cleansing services, including NCOA, CASS and email validation, we can transform Bad Data into it’s alter ego, Good Data.

Good Data is the key to successful customer acquisition campaigns and loyalty programs. With our data augmentation and list acquisition services, we’ll help you target both your current, and your potential, best customers with offers too good to refuse.

Internal communications get a boost from Good Data as well. Your benefit packages and compensation summaries will be as unique as the individual reading this.

Most importantly, we take data security very seriously, transmitting it via SFTP, storing it in physically and programmatically secured locations and partnering with PCI certified software providers so that, Good or Bad, your data won’t be found where it shouldn’t be.

City National BankWhat sets Pace apart is their unmatched expertise behind the scenes – their process. Whether it’s complicated data management, variable printing challenges or the logistics of a campaign deployment, the Pace team always makes it work and delivers on time. They communicate clearly from the start. They proactively offer solutions that can make a project more efficient, cost effective or take it to another level. I truly value the peace of mind I get working with Pace.

~ Tony Sweeney, SVP, Creative Director