You are what you share.
~ Charles Leadbeater

It’s not personal. It’s just business.

But while The Godfather may have been able to separate them, doing business in the digital age means getting personal.

Let’s start with websites. If you’re like 80% of individuals, you go online and spend an average of 79 days researching a major purchase before buying. Using best-in-class technologies, our web experts can speed up that process by serving up offers and information on a website that are more relevant to you.

After you’ve visited a website, you may still not be ready to buy for another few months. Our email, search and social media experts keep the conversation going with relevant communications in the places where you live online, such as Facebook, Google and your inbox.

And don’t forget, online doesn’t just mean computer screens anymore. It means tablets and smartphones too. In fact, we blew past the mobile tipping point some time ago and the majority of website visits and email opens are occurring, literally, in the palms of our hands. Google’s search algorithm now takes into account whether or not a website is mobile-friendly. And when you visit a site or receive an email that isn’t, you probably do too.