Stayed neither by snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness…
~ Herodotus

In many ways, mailing something feels like magic: stick a stamp on an envelope, drop it into a dark hole and, *poof*, no matter rain, sleet, snow or dead of night, out pops your message on the other side.

But the truth is, while delivering your mail might involve some tricks, we won’t let the USPS play sleight-of-hand with your mailing dollars.

Begin with bringing our print and mailing specialists into your creative process as early as possible. Because the USPS charges different rates based on the dimensions of your mailing, trimming a few centimeters off that oversized postcard could trim more than a few dollars off the cost of your postage.

And from putting the right number of tabs on your self-mailers to the placement of your Intelligent Mail Barcode, we’ll also make sure you don’t run afoul of even the most esoteric postal regulations.

Next, we’ll clean up your mailing list so you don’t waste postage on a message that never reaches its intended recipient. Processing your list with NCOA and CASS certification may not be as exciting as pulling a quarter from behind your ear, but it can certainly be more lucrative.

We’ll even evaluate your postage and sorting options to help you get the best possible rates. Because as any good magician knows, sometimes just knowing the right order of the cards is what matters most.

Wells FargoIn over fifteen years of working together, Pace has never let me down. To me, they are everything a business partner should be. They not only deliver on their commitments, they offer ideas and options that enhance the success of my projects. They ‘get it’ that I need their expert advice and critical thinking as much as I need their technical operational abilities.

~ Dennis Matsuo, VP, Marketing Program Manager