Souls dwell in printer’s type.
~ Joseph Ames

Print is dead.

At least, that’s what we’ve been told. And yet, just last year, we printed on 1.2 million pounds of paper, the equivalent of 120 million individual sheets.

We printed some cool, soft touch mailers for City National Bank. We also printed some slick, glossy catalogs for Helmet House. If you shop at Trader Joe’s, you saw a bunch of our labels. And the proud parents of USC’s graduates are probably pinning our programs in scrapbooks as you read this.

From our prepress team, which perfectly prepares your artwork for the press, including color correction, imposition, trapping and screening, to the pressmen running our two 6-color Komori offset presses and the HP Indigo digital press, to the bindery team cutting, folding and stitching, we have the skilled, experienced people and the right equipment to handle virtually any print job.

And we’ve been doing it for a long time. Since 1975, in fact. That’s because we, literally, deliver on our promises. Our On-Time Delivery (OTD) rate is 99.2%, better than both FedEx (88%) and UPS (91%). And our Client Quality Acceptance (CQA) rate is 99.6%. Well, nobody’s perfect.

Still, at the end of the day, you don’t just buy print. You’re not just buying the ink on paper, no matter how gorgeous it is (and we can show you some pretty gorgeous samples). But you do buy information. You also buy inspiration. You certainly buy memories. And we definitely print plenty of those.

So print is dead. Long live print.

KCRWPace has performed an integral role for KCRW for over twenty years, providing solutions to our print communications needs reliably and with the highest degree of quality in the industry. For me, the distinguishing characteristic of the Pace staff is that they take the successful implementation of my projects personally. They understand my pain points and craft solutions that allow me to sleep well at night. They take it upon themselves to become intimately knowledgeable, not just about KCRW, but also about our supply chain. Pace cares about our success as much as we do, and that’s what I need in a partner.

~ Gregg Lewis, Marketing / Art Director