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Ninja Puppy Hula Karaoke Soccer Dance Party

In just about two weeks time, we will celebrate my daughter’s birthday. She is turning the big 1-0 and, until recently, she was looking forward to celebrating by inviting her friends to a puppy-themed party.

My daughter is a true … Read More

Great Expectations

As many longtime readers know, I am an avid coffee drinker. I am also originally from the Boston area. Put the two together and you’d be right to assume I have an inordinate love of Dunkin’ Donuts. Alas, I have … Read More

Do Your Job

Aside from the fact that I am a native of the region, another reason I am a fan of the New England Patriots is their team mantra: Do Your Job. The no-nonsense, straight-forward motto reminds the players that success isn’t … Read More

April 2016 Issue

Want to get the print edition of Engage delivered? It’s free! Cover Story Paradigm Shift – Competing in the new age of jobs. “Organizations must shift from creating an environment where they assume that people need to work there … Read More