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Mobile first. Customer second?

Long time readers of the Friday Digression may recall¬†that I am an avid coffee drinker. After all, in this very space I’ve sung the praises of a small roaster’s memorable customer experience and given voice to the unique thrill of … Read More

The Real Taste of Ireland

As the Pok√©mon GO craze illustrates, the line between virtual reality and, well, reality reality, continues to blur. And while those of us on the other side of 40 may lament the effect mobile technologies are having on our posture, … Read More

Hope for the Upright Human

At some point in the near future, humans will walk around in a permanently hunched over manner.

I have come to this conclusion in just the last week, during which time my wife and I were hosting our 16-year old … Read More

How To Get a Second Date

I am by no means a gym rat. But as my age increases – along with my waist size and the number of gray hairs on my head – so too has my interest in various forms of exercise. And, … Read More