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Walking a Mile

When I get home from work, the first question I ask my children is “how was school today?” Usually the answer is simply, “good” and they go back to playing with their Legos or watching Power Rangers. Sometimes they’ll elaborate … Read More

Stick to Your Resolutions

Did you know that people who decide to make a lifestyle change at the beginning of a new year are ten times more likely to keep it than those who make their decision at other times of the year?

This … Read More

The Best Team

For the last three seasons, I have coached my daughter’s soccer teams. Oddly, soccer wasn’t a sport I played much as a kid. But AYSO is a completely volunteer run organization, so when duty calls, you step up and figure it … Read More

Embracing Reality

Recently I was cast in a theatre production to play a father. This isn’t terribly shocking given that I am both an actor and a Dad to three imps of my own.

No, what came as more of shock, at least … Read More