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The Yeah Buts

As my children have gotten older (my daughter is nine and my boys turn six in less than a month) my wife and I have delegated to them more responsibilities. For example, my daughter, because she can read the labels … Read More

Crash Landing

Some of you may remember my professed goal to run a marathon. If you don’t, well, move along, nothing to see here… because I still haven’t done it.

I’m not particularly embarrassed or ashamed that I haven’t (yet) achieved this … Read More

Is This Important?

I write about some pretty eclectic stuff in this space. Sometimes I’m marvelling at the simple joys of a growling Chewbacca mask. Other times I’m shaking my head at how a company that offers cleaning services might choose to advertise … Read More

Yes, and…

Long-time readers of the Friday Digression know that, in addition to my role as Pace’s resident digital marketing expert / tech geek, I am an actor. I have, in fact, been an actor even longer than I’ve been a geek, … Read More