The Pace Story

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.
~ Oscar Wilde

“The key to our company’s 40 years of success has been to honor our commitment that we exist to serve our clients. This is our quintessential value. Everything we think and do is imbued with that value. We trust in it. What we do may change, but never how we do it, or why. This single value is enduring, and will continue to guide every action and decision we make.”

~ Bob Bennitt, Principal, The Pace Group

The Pace Group, a provider of marketing strategy and execution for corporations and organizations in the Los Angeles area, was founded by the Bennitt family in 1975 in City of Industry, California. Coming into the world as a printer, our company was originally known as Pace Lithographers, Inc. For the balance of the 20th century, Pace performed reliably for our many clients, providing high-end printing to support their marketing and communications programs. Over the years, Pace developed a reputation for our expertise in the technical aspects of printing. But more than that, we created enduring relationships founded upon a philosophy of service.

These relationships remain meaningful and deep to this day. “I never believed that the world needed another printer, especially in 1975.” recalls Bob Bennitt. “But everyone wants and needs a company that, regardless of the service provided, has their back, day in and day out, no matter what. To provide extraordinary reliability is not rocket science, but it is extremely hard to pull off. That’s because it requires relentless commitment to that one value of service.”

Beginning around 2005, Pace began to see new ways to support our clients, beginning with variable data digital printing (VDP), mailing and fulfillment, digital marketing and marketing resource centers (MRC). Clients such as City National Bank, USC, Towers Watson and others welcomed these offerings into their marketing mix, and collaborated with us in refining our expertise in this new, exciting world. While the printing industry as a whole was going through turmoil, Pace was able to actually grow by expanding and diversifying our portfolio of services.

In 2014, responding to our clients’ needs, Pace recruited talented marketing and creative strategists and opened our Claremont office.

Today, The Pace Group is a family of families – including colleagues, clients, providers, and our shared communities and causes. Pace has worked diligently to evolve into a company that provides what our clients tell us they need; that is, a portfolio of offerings that includes creative design and marketing strategy, data management, digital and traditional print, digital marketing, warehousing and fulfillment, mailing and Asian marketing and translation consultation. Our clients know that they will get the same reliable, service-with-a-smile performance from us every day, across all of our offerings. The average tenure of our associates is 14 years, and it is not a coincidence that this is also true of our client relationships.

We prize long-term relationships because they require performance and values that come naturally to us. They are authentic to our nature. We would not know how to do business any other way. And making our clients happy, over and over, makes us happy. This ethic builds reliability, innovation, responsiveness and efficiency into the Pace processes. The demanding schedules and standards we are expected to meet force any wasted motion, and certainly all drama, out of our systems. Otherwise, we could not perform at the high peak required.

But none of this philosophy matters unless our clients agree with it. We never speak for anyone else. We let them speak for themselves.

“The best providers are those who work so seamlessly with you that they become an extension of your team. Pace does that and much more. What sets Pace apart is their unmatched expertise behind the scenes – their process. Whether it’s complicated data management, variable printing challenges or the logistics of a campaign deployment, the Pace team always makes it work and delivers on time. They proactively offer solutions that can make a project more efficient, cost-effective or take it to another level. I truly value the peace of mind I get working with Pace.

~ Tony Sweeney, SVP, Creative Director, City National Bank